Boks clinch title

There's still a remote chance for the All Blacks to win 2009 3N, but it would require the Boks to lose their remaining two games with no bonus points and it would require the All Blacks to bonus point win their two remaining fixtures (at home).

So you can bet on the Boks now.

The Boks shall be winners of the 2009 3N.

4 times have rivals New Zealand and Australia tried their best to defeat them. 4 times they have been exposed by an astounding SA team.

I said that the Boks were not as good outside SA. They have proved me wrong.

Some say the Boks have played like the real World Champions they are. If that's true, then Deans and Henry, and the whole world should learn from the Boks.

Congratulations, Springboks, this is an All Black zealot envying such a well constructed and performing team.

Be realistic, dream about it (The Springboks can't win outside SA)

I have often said that the Springboks don't have the habit of winning outside South Africa.
Of course, they say in SA that winning a World Cup outside South Africa means being able to do it. But, c'mon, Argentina, Fiji and England don't play in the Tri Nations.

From 1996 to 2008, the Springboks have played 28 Tri Nations games outside SA. They have won 4 (2 in NZ and 2 in AU) , drawn 1 (in AU) and lost 23.

And that, to me, is more important than a World Cup.

Do not expect SA to win more than, at most, one game.

So be realistic, dream with the All Blacks winning the 3N.