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It's so sad when instead of staying together, this is all that some media are capable of.

New Zealand rugby does not deserve this.

The All Blacks don't deserve this.

It's hurting New Zealand's rugby

I find complete nonsense this everlasting gossip about who's in the pole position to become the next All Blacks coach. I think it does not do any good. Today we have an apparently contradiction in different news by RugbyHeaven and New Zealand Herald.

This has even gone so far in the case of RugbyHeaven that it even dares critizising the board composition.

I would like this week to pass, it is Friday 7th and the board will have made its decission on who's the next All Blacks coach. I would also love not hearing anything else from now on about this matter until it's over.

I bet it won't be easy.

The New Zealand Herald on All Blacks coach election

«With Henry and his cohorts having thrown their hats firmly back into the ring, the NZRU board must now decide if it wants to risk losing Deans to Australia in order to persevere with the regime that failed in France.»

The New Zealand Herald, Tuesday 27 November 2007

I have usually considered that newspapers here in Spain spread bullshit. "Selling news" is a business that in this country means feeding lies to people. The most absurd thing in this nonsense is that people are eager to buy these lies. Lies usually look like this: "We who vote for X are right, others are wrong". Ok, it's normal. This is Spain and we are quite stupid... people don't even know about rugby, here :-P

But I thought this was some kind of spanish folklore, and I can't really believe that on the opposite side of the world The New Zealand Herald is so biased in favour of Robbie Deans' as the next All Blacks coach.

There are, I think, two different things that should never be mixed; news and opinions. News are the plain facts; opinion is what we think about it. A newspaper should never mix them.

In this blog, you will find a clear support of Graham Henry in his goal of being re-appointed as All Blacks coach. I think that four more years would be a rare continuity which New Zealand's rugby needs. Besides, I trust Henry. But this is just the opinion of one person - the author of this blog - and it does not by any means replace in any way any newspaper whose main goal should be Information.

Carter's burden and Henry's re-applying

It is a pretty chance what we've got here: On one hand, there's Daniel Carter saying that although he loves the All Blacks it could be better for him to spend some time abroad. On the other hand, Henry's re-applying.

What's the connection between these two issues? Well, let's see: The whole New Zealand blaming at coaches and players. How many times have you heard how big was the amount of money spent in this RWC campaign just to immediately point out that this time we did it worse than ever? Lots of All Blacks leaving and... what is next? The NZRU appointing a brand new All Black coach? Is this some kind of the old "let's start over again, we can't afford failing again!"?

As I see things:
1.- Graham Henry should be considered as our best coach for the way the team has been playing for four years. Sacking him for one game lost against France (it's a game after all) is like stating: "We will not tolerate any loss".
2.- If the problem for New Zealand players is the "burden", it will certainly not be diminish in four years time. Firing Henry will only make it heavier.
3.- You can't buy success (assuming fair play). That's the beauty about sports.

Not linked? You should not fool yourself.
If players are leaving and they say "Hey, it's too much of a burden", is it of any help saying: "We don't care for the Tri-Nations victories, we don't care for the Bledisloe Cup, we don't care the 87,5%, you lost at the World Cup, you are out"?

McAlister at second center in England

In his debut at the English Premiership, Luke McAlister has deeply impressed the Sharks supporters as his side defeated Worcester Warriors 15 - 34. Leading 3 - 15 at halftime, victory was never at risk for the Sharks and it allowed an exquisite offensive display by the player who played second five eight with the All Blacks.

It makes me wonder what do they do in England when they don't have Howletts, Haymans, Maugers or McAlisters around.

I was recently watching to a Manawatu vs Waikato game from last Air New Zealand Cup and I wonder whether it was a different sport. What is it that the northern hemisphere lacks that only can get it from New Zealand? Whatever it is, it seems that money can somehow replace it.

Carter to quit the All Blacks?

Reportedly by New Zealand Herald we read that Dan Carter could be considering moving to England after his present contract with the NZRU ends next year.

What can I say? Dan has been a keystone for the Crusaders and the All Blacks for the last four years. We who support the All Blacks are extremely disappointed with New Zealand's Rugby World Cup campaign and I cannot resist the temptation of wondering whether Carter is also under any kind of post World Cup shock when stating that. After Jack, Mauger, McAllister, Hayman, etc.. left to Europe it may kind of be hard to think of keeping on fighting once again after 2003 and 2007 failures with the same old "next time we will surely make it" prospects. Dan, at 25 has already won everything that can be won both with the Crusaders and the All Blacks (except "you know what") so it seems that he is to choose between moving to England to find new goals or staying in New Zealand where for four years he won't be able to win anything that he has not already won.

On the other hand, we supporters who don't usually get tired at watching our heroes trying once and again, feel somewhat left appart by Carter. Will he do it? Will he leave us when we so badly need him? What will become of guys like Richie McCaw if they are all leaving? Will they also leave New Zealand? What will become of us, now?

I like to think of competition (any kind of competition) as the same old game with the same old clues either to win or lose. And in team sports, relationships between teammates are the key to success. Ask Gregan and Larkham for their opinion in this matter. I think that a succesful All Black team will need Carter badly. Not because he is arguably the best first five eights we can find but because he is an experienced and young guy. How long will it take to replace him in the team? Not as fly half, but as a guy? How long will it take to replace the hole left by Kelleher, Howlett, etc?

If I could have a few words with him I would like to point out that rugby in New Zealand has a special aura that he won't find in England. I guess he would miss it. We would miss him. New Zealand would miss him.