Carter's burden and Henry's re-applying

It is a pretty chance what we've got here: On one hand, there's Daniel Carter saying that although he loves the All Blacks it could be better for him to spend some time abroad. On the other hand, Henry's re-applying.

What's the connection between these two issues? Well, let's see: The whole New Zealand blaming at coaches and players. How many times have you heard how big was the amount of money spent in this RWC campaign just to immediately point out that this time we did it worse than ever? Lots of All Blacks leaving and... what is next? The NZRU appointing a brand new All Black coach? Is this some kind of the old "let's start over again, we can't afford failing again!"?

As I see things:
1.- Graham Henry should be considered as our best coach for the way the team has been playing for four years. Sacking him for one game lost against France (it's a game after all) is like stating: "We will not tolerate any loss".
2.- If the problem for New Zealand players is the "burden", it will certainly not be diminish in four years time. Firing Henry will only make it heavier.
3.- You can't buy success (assuming fair play). That's the beauty about sports.

Not linked? You should not fool yourself.
If players are leaving and they say "Hey, it's too much of a burden", is it of any help saying: "We don't care for the Tri-Nations victories, we don't care for the Bledisloe Cup, we don't care the 87,5%, you lost at the World Cup, you are out"?

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