The New Zealand Herald on All Blacks coach election

«With Henry and his cohorts having thrown their hats firmly back into the ring, the NZRU board must now decide if it wants to risk losing Deans to Australia in order to persevere with the regime that failed in France.»

The New Zealand Herald, Tuesday 27 November 2007

I have usually considered that newspapers here in Spain spread bullshit. "Selling news" is a business that in this country means feeding lies to people. The most absurd thing in this nonsense is that people are eager to buy these lies. Lies usually look like this: "We who vote for X are right, others are wrong". Ok, it's normal. This is Spain and we are quite stupid... people don't even know about rugby, here :-P

But I thought this was some kind of spanish folklore, and I can't really believe that on the opposite side of the world The New Zealand Herald is so biased in favour of Robbie Deans' as the next All Blacks coach.

There are, I think, two different things that should never be mixed; news and opinions. News are the plain facts; opinion is what we think about it. A newspaper should never mix them.

In this blog, you will find a clear support of Graham Henry in his goal of being re-appointed as All Blacks coach. I think that four more years would be a rare continuity which New Zealand's rugby needs. Besides, I trust Henry. But this is just the opinion of one person - the author of this blog - and it does not by any means replace in any way any newspaper whose main goal should be Information.