NZRU: How to destroy a franchise

Say you have the most successful franchise in history. Say that, for whatever reason, you want to destroy it. What steps would you take?

First, the coach should leave. Leave no chance to your coach to stay in your franchise.
Second, give your star player a year off.
Third, cut one of the two provincial unions that feed this franchise off so you drain the flow of players into the franchise.

Can Canterbury face Wellington, Taranaki, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay at the same time? I guess next season I will be cheering the Crusaders more than ever.

On Sonny Bill Williams

Even if you are not a NRL expert you may still have once or twice the name of Sonny Bill Williams two months ago when NZRU had an eye on him when he was considering a change of codes.
Now, I don't know what part has the NZRU played in the late decisions this 23 yo guy has taken, but I would not be surprised if they were tuiting the convert. Putting him under Tana Umaga's orders is not such a bad move.
Everything would be fine in the NZRU considering a "special project" for this guy, should he not have broken a NRL contract. The truth is that this guy has already started Toulon' pre-season where, funnily, he's been sinbinned due to a charge.
Today the boy says he's eyeing 2011 RWC and he's also willing to become the best centre in the world so... who could say NZRU is not behind all this mess?

Now understand what I mean: I don't care if league disappears. I just don't like league, but as long as a player has a contract, he should respect it. I don't like rugby players breaking their contracts for more profitable ones, either. It is interesting what he has said about the matter: Why can I as an IT professional break my contract but he as a professional sportsman cannot? The difference is in the contract. How many IT professionals are and how many professional league players are there? That is paid in €, AU$ or pounds and he has earned them.
SBW is eyeing money and All Blacks glory at the RWC 2011 and the NZRU is desperately looking forward to end this RWC draught so... who could think they are not partners?

Back. Angrily back, but back after all.

Hi. I am back. I am angry at MediaZone, angry at All Blacks and angry at Henry but I am back after all.

  1. I am first of all, angry at MediaZone, madly angry at them, as I can't watch any rugby games despite I have contributed with the required amount of $. Their response is: get another computer. Wonderful.
  2. I am angry at the All Blacks for losing the way they lost to the Wallabies in Perth. I don't know what went on as I have not been able to watch the game (despite the fact that I paid)
  3. I am somewhat relieved that the All Blacks convincingly defeated the Wallabies back just a few minutes ago but I won't be able to watch this game either, even though I have paid.
  4. I am angry at Henry for such nonsense. Blaming onto the ELVs for losing? Smith saying he was outsmarted in the backs? What the hell? Why Does Deans always show common-sense and why can't our coaches show it too?
  5. I am angry at the fact that we shall not win the Tri Nations. With two games won and two more lost, the remaining two games are away while the Wallabies have the same amount of victories but have still one more game to go.

But, for now, let me just enjoy the quality players in New Zealand.