Carter to quit the All Blacks?

Reportedly by New Zealand Herald we read that Dan Carter could be considering moving to England after his present contract with the NZRU ends next year.

What can I say? Dan has been a keystone for the Crusaders and the All Blacks for the last four years. We who support the All Blacks are extremely disappointed with New Zealand's Rugby World Cup campaign and I cannot resist the temptation of wondering whether Carter is also under any kind of post World Cup shock when stating that. After Jack, Mauger, McAllister, Hayman, etc.. left to Europe it may kind of be hard to think of keeping on fighting once again after 2003 and 2007 failures with the same old "next time we will surely make it" prospects. Dan, at 25 has already won everything that can be won both with the Crusaders and the All Blacks (except "you know what") so it seems that he is to choose between moving to England to find new goals or staying in New Zealand where for four years he won't be able to win anything that he has not already won.

On the other hand, we supporters who don't usually get tired at watching our heroes trying once and again, feel somewhat left appart by Carter. Will he do it? Will he leave us when we so badly need him? What will become of guys like Richie McCaw if they are all leaving? Will they also leave New Zealand? What will become of us, now?

I like to think of competition (any kind of competition) as the same old game with the same old clues either to win or lose. And in team sports, relationships between teammates are the key to success. Ask Gregan and Larkham for their opinion in this matter. I think that a succesful All Black team will need Carter badly. Not because he is arguably the best first five eights we can find but because he is an experienced and young guy. How long will it take to replace him in the team? Not as fly half, but as a guy? How long will it take to replace the hole left by Kelleher, Howlett, etc?

If I could have a few words with him I would like to point out that rugby in New Zealand has a special aura that he won't find in England. I guess he would miss it. We would miss him. New Zealand would miss him.

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