6 Nations: Euphoria on english supporters

For the first time in four long years England's facing the 6 Nations Tournament with expectation, with anxiety, with... euphoria.

Held every year since it's origins back in 1883, the Six Nations is the time of the year that every scottish, irish, french, english and welsh rugby aficionado should love to watch (hm... italians too, but maybe not that much), but english fans have been somewhat reluctant to put too much hope on the tournament lately, as the idea of facing every time the tough tournament without superstar first five eighths Jonny Wilkinson was certainly not appealing to them.

This year, a lot of new changes have made England a completely new team:

  1. They "unexpectedly" reached the RWC final. That has given them confidence.
  2. A number of senior players (Robinson, Dallaglio...) have finished their international careers. This will make things easier for Ashton.
  3. Another number of players (Cipriani, Vainikolo...) are joining with a lot of potential.

While it is true that everyone expects much of this new England team, I find it quite absurd when I hear some things like "England to clinch the 6N" two weeks before the tournament has started. It reminds me of some misfortunate commentary on the New Zealand Herald... What was it? Something like "France pose absolutely no threat to the All Blacks" or something like that.

I will root for Wales (I always do) and I think that might mean a bit of suffering... But we always do, don't we?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Warren Gatland has anything to do with your Welsh esprit de corps, dude? It's difficult for me to get into the red cowards but if they somehow manage to muster up enough courage not to eat with wooden spoons it won't be Warren Gatland who should get the credit. There are more than a couple of those druids who can play a bit. Heavy duty as it is for journos to be pushing England, regrettably nobody else has held up their hand with only two weeks to go. There are certainly more fatties on the Welsh team than on the England team.

miff said...

My last post registered as anonymous but it is I, Miff.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Hahahahah... :-)

No, pal, my supporting of the red dragons comes from a long time ago; before even current Graham Henry was appointed Welsh coach and took them to win the 2005 Six Nations.

I am fond of rugby. Rugby can't be seriously played in Spain, so I took New Zealand back in 1987. New Zealand had this appealing way of playing rugby and it was the team to support if you liked rugby in 1987.

I learnt about rugby watching France, Australia and New Zealand.

And you know there is this special connection between Wales and New Zealand; Wales was the first test that New Zealand ever lost in 1905. They are both small countries and I suppose I enjoy watching the big nations England and France losing against lower opponents. Thus, Wales gained me a long long time ago.

You see, I prefer Samoa or Fiji before South Africa, or Scotland before England...

Not popular indeed, but the small ones deserve their followers as well, don't they?

However, I find England's team a very strong one and, as we have recently discussed at www.rugbycan.com (very good blog), I think their are the team to beat.

I would not be surprised if they managed to win the ive matches (now that Jonny's back to action, England can manage to win away games unlike last year's Six Nations)