Laurie Fischer does not want to help Deans.

Yesterday we were surprised at Robbie Deans' proposal of a plan for all 4 Australian Super 14 sides coaches to be involved in Wallabies players selection.

Today, Brumbies coach, Laurie Fischer has been very harsh on Deans proposal. Apparently Laurie Fischer does not have anything against helping the Wallabies, but he does have it against helping the Crusaders coach.

"I certainly won't be discussing the relative strengths and weaknesses of my players until he has finished up with the Crusaders in the Super 14. You are talking about two sides here who could be in the Super 14 final."

Laurie Fischer was among the candidates for the Wallabies coach role when NZRU selection of Graham Henry left Robbie Deans "available" although he still had a one-year contract with the Crusaders. The ARU immediately added Robbie Deans to the list of candidates and eventually he got the job. NZRU allowed Deans to keep his Crusaders coaching job until the end of the present season and perhaps Fischer thinks Deans is going too far away

This arises some question as if retaining the Crusaders job was a good idea for Deans. I think Deans should have resigned perhaps even before the outcome of the Rugby World Cup, at the end of Super 14 2007 season. I don't doubt he can still do a wonderful job for the Crusaders but, won't everything be easier for him as Wallabies coach when he is not bound to the Crusaders?

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miff said...

I have just changed my maind about Laurie Fisher, who I wanted last year as Oz coach, but after that outburst, he is just what I will refer to as a "hasbeen'. What did I tell you about the Aussies....biggest whingers in the history of mankind....all descendants of convicts.