Missing Howlett

Last Saturday evening (Ireland's time), Munster defeated Wasps in-route to get their tenth consecutive qualifying for the European Cup quarter-finals.

Playing his second game as starter with Munster, former All Black Doug Howlett did not have many chances to get into play, but he gave us a pair of pearls in two actions late in the second half: a massive tackle of a Wasp centre after he caught a kicked ball that stopped any chance of an english counter-attack and the only line-break of the match (which was not followed by his teammates) in a rainy and muddy field, certainly not the best conditions for a winger to enjoy.

Meanwhile, it seems that Welsh franchises are very fond of every single New Zealander playing for their teams. Not only for their individual contributions, but also for the way the local players have grown learning from them. "Our players have learned a lot from them, probably more than they get off us as coaches" said Cardiff Blues coach David Young.

Back in New Zealand, no other than Joe Rocokoco has recently said how much the Auckland Blues side is going to miss Howlett. Being top try scorer in both Super 14 and the All Blacks is not an easy feat, but above any record Doug Howlett may have, he will be mostly missed on his professionalism, expertise and companionship.

For my part I can only feel as if last Saturday I had seen some diamond amid the mud and water of Munster... And I wonder what takes a diamond to the Northern Hemisphere. First Super 14 post-Howlett season has not started and we are already looking to find him.
Douggie, we will miss you a full lot.

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