Peter de Villiers: Is he the right choice?

So, finally it has happened. White's successor is a black in a land where rugby used to be whites game. All in all quite tricky, but I cannot imagine a better moment for the SARU to make a pick in the direction that everyone is wishing South Africa's rugby to take: Make rugby reach to black population!!!

Have not South Africa become World Champions? Didn't they all expect this triumph be used in a different manner the one in 1995 was? Then, maybe De Villiers (DV for South Africans) is the right man.

But I don't think it is going to be easy. A bold move has that one been labelled in South Africa; if it were only about seeing who's hot and who can add further value (it never is), De Villiers' task would be far easier. On the contrary, being South Africa's national team Head coach requires him to gather respect from the press, the crowd, the staff... and the players. He starts with that bonus as he is vastly respected but... for how long?

New Zealand host South Africa on July the 5th at Wellington and a week later at Dunedin. Let's wait until then to see how's DV performing.

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