New Zealand's national sport is rugby, not hate.

In October the All Blacks had their worst ever performance in a RWC. The outcome of the All Blacks coaching job was determined on December and for these two long months no man had gathered more hate in New Zealand than Graham Henry. Why? Failure at the RWC is not a crime, is it?

Graham Henry has been out for longer than a month. Once the Super 14 season is starting again he is back and has for the first time expressed his opinion in this interview.

Criticised for the so-called journalists at RugbyHeaven for (among other things) not giving public account of what went wrong (as if he ought to), two of them seemed to be waiting for him to open his mouth to resume their holy war against him.

The first one, the guy you can see below is called Doug Golightly.

He is the author of the welcome-back article for the All Blacks coach. It is quite normal, RugbyHeaven is quite a good rugby site except when the All Blacks are the subject.

The other one is called Marc Hinton and looks like this

I can't understand his behaviour anyway. He's RugbyHeaven's co editor and that ought to mean some kind of responsibility, but when he writes this article to kick the Super 14 season off one can't avoid wondering what's going on?

Is RugbyHeaven so enamoured of Henry that they can't live a second without writing about him? Even when the All Backs are not playing? Is hate New Zealand's national sport or is it rugby?

To RugbyHeaven: Ladies and Gentlemen, Graham Henry is the All Blacks coach, like it or not. We all have our own ideas on what would we do if we were on command, but we are not, fortunately. Fortunately the person on command knows a full lot of rugby. Live with it.


rugbycan said...

I haven't had the time to follow the debate but it sounds as though it has offeded you.

monsieurrugbycan said...

I think I have said this before. NZ will continue to excel in 7's until the other countries get their acts together. When a little country of 6 million like NZ stops taking rugby as a seriously as nuclear weapons, expect a different focus . Until that time, hate and love are interchangeable in that rugby society. Rugby is a way of saying "Look at us, we are the best in the world." When you start messing with that vision, the cosequences can be bloody.

sesenta y cuatro said...

If that ever happens, NZ will lose its soul.

monsieurrugbycan said...

I will read Planetheaven tonight and give you my thoughts....usually I think planetheaven has the best journos so I am surprised that they are so harsh on Henry...I think it is an Aussie site as well so the whole thing doesn't make sense to me now. Stay tuned , if interested , for my update.

Miff said...

Hate is not a family value.