Online Score: Hurricanes vs Reds

23 - 18 (full time)

0-3: Clinton Schifcofske (penalty goal)
0-8: Van Humphries (try)
0-10: Clinton Schifcofske (conversion)
5-10: Tane Tu'ipulotu (try)
7-10: Jimmy Gopperth (conversion)
7-13: Clinton Schifcofske (penalty goal)
10-13: Jimmy Gopperth (penalty goal)
15 - 13 Ma'a Nonu (try)
17 - 13 Jimmy Gopperth (conversion)
20 - 13 Jimmy Gopperth (penalty goal)
23 - 18 Jimmy Gopperth (penalty goal)
23 - 18 John Roe (try)

After a sluggish start, the Hurricanes went on to defeat the Reds by a close margin.


Anonymous said...

So far after one game only, the NZ rugby machine is getting heated up. I saw the Lions play the Cheetahs and, as I have also said, the South Africans are playing for their very lives. Thus the S14 could prove interesting. I have not expected the Australians to play as well as they have thus far but....I am certain they will fade.

The Baron

sesenta y cuatro said...

Oh well, the race has just started... If Crusaders and Blues lose their second round games things will look pretty different, for sure.

Anonymous said...

The Cheetahs are shit right cohesion...I am still finding it difficult to follow the ELVs...I thought the backs had to stay 5 metres behind the ruck?