Robbie Deans is open minded

Yesterday, we got to know Robbie Deans' opinion on the apparently taboo subject: A non new zealander to eventually coach the All Blacks. Robbie Deans seems a good pal, with no malice whatsoever, but I had the feeling that speaking too much about the politics of the NZRU shall not be appreciated in Oz.

The multitasked Crusaders coach expressed his view, very sensible, that the NZRU should (and thinks they have actually done) consider a foreigner for the job. Well, that is understandable provided he is the first Kiwi to coach the wallabies.

Today we have got to know more. He has stepped further on, saying that players of SA, NZ, AU should be able to play at any Super 14 franchise. Has he said too much? Will anyone accept it? Well, IMHO, that is quite common-sense, too! I don't think it should change things much, and, if it does at all, will undoubtedly be very smoothly. On the other hand, what is the good of binding the players to play a home Super 14 franchise? Deans' recipe would set the roots for expanding the Super 14 in a search for more investment to allow Souther Hemisphere players stay southern.

Robbie Deans is a guy that I am truly learning to respect and admire.


miff said...

I would compare Deans in a way to a guy like Che Guevara. He comes from an elite family and although he could and is one of 'olde fart' club, he is willing to revolutionize the game. He is not afraid to speak out yet he rarely directly involves himself in the controversy of NZRFU. I think he is a guy who can ease all of us into the professional game unlike any of his colleagues in the SH or the NH. I am absolutely certain he is aware of the chains that the IRB and the RFU(through the NZRFU) have on the game itself. We'll have to see how he reacts when he is confronted.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, perhaps "el Che" was very much of a revolutionary and Deans has no intention of going as far as the argentinian went.

I mean, maybe he's not even a revolutionary, but has simply got a clear insight of how rugby should evolve. And no lobby is more valuable to him than rugby is.

You know what amazes me the most? It amazes me how much we do still think of Deans as a New Zealander even though he's clearly leaving NZ to go to 'stralya. I mean, we all expect him to be successful in Oz, and that could well mean he coaching the wallabies in 2011 and still, I think no one has a doubt his place ought to be (and will eventually be) coaching the All Blacks.

It's kind of: "Robbie, you are good, you are our best man, and even though you are offshore the time will come when you'll come back to coach the All Blacks". And Deans patiently waiting!!!!!!!!!!

miff said...

I disagree. By the time Deans finishes with Oz, a new kid on the block will have arrived. Deans may go back to NZ but not as AB Coach....maybe with his brother-in-law Jock Hobbs with the NZRFU. I really mean it when I say that the professional era has taken the soul of of what many of us once knew as All Black rugby. Sorry, my friend, but that's how I see it.