Three, two, one ... Go!!

So, less than 7 hours and we're on it.

Today's matches will see the Crusaders at Christchurch against the Brumbies. I expect a clear win for the Crusaders, with Dan Carter on command. It could be of interest how the brand-new midfield performs but I don't really expect much of a Brumbies side that could perfectly be regretting Fisher's words more than anything.

The other game of the day will feature the Reds and the Highlanders. On my mind there's the Highlanders performance of last weekend, when the Otago franchise beat the Blues in a superb second time.

Shall we have a clear opinion on the ELV's after this first round?


Anonymous said...

The ELVs well are gonna add some drama....I can just feel your excitement in all this....I'll be hooraying the Kiwi sides. booing the Aussie sides and nervously watching the Stormers and Lions.

Despite your article on gotta love or hate the action in 7 fantasy team ...I'll keep you posted on my thoughts....GO CRUSADERS!!!

Anonymous said...

good call; I only had it by 11 points. and not the Baron had the Reds losing by the almost identical score.