Giteau to replace Larkham

Perth's West Force is performing at a very high level and Matt Giteau is one of the responsibles. After nearly upsetting the Crusaders in round 4 (the collected 2 points despite the loss) they went on to defeat the Blues in round 5.

Matt Giteau showed in the two games that he's on fire and... is there anyone better placed than him to start at 10 for the Wallabies?

He's fast and a reliable kicker and, as he showed last Saturday, a wonderful tactical kicker. He drove the Blues defense mad.

The Brumbies miss Larkham and Giteau could be the man they are after to replace him but... What does Deans think of him?

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Anonymous said...

Giteau is a strange combination of Austalian athleticism but not nearly as silky smooth as Larkham. Having said that, I really don't know where the best position for Giteau is. The Force are playing oddly well and Giteau seems to be one of the main in form players but I would rather see him at# 12 as opposed to# 10 and, if not there, at #9. But as you well know, I am not Robbie Deans and I won't pretend to be, yet.