Goddess Nikhé allies with Blues

What an exciting game the Blues won against a better Bulls side. Better than them, at least today.

Leading 17-7 again early in the second half, they were so close to scrap it again that only the wish of the Goddess of victory allowed them to win at the end. Just look.

  • 20-14 with 15 minutes left. Habana makes a wonderful run, sees Evans off and serves the try. Hougaard converts it
  • 20-21 with 10 minutes left. Evans goes for a DG (yes, I mean a DROP GOAL, make the ball bounce and kick at goal) and scores.
  • 23-21 with 5 minutes left. A bull breaks the line, slips throught the fullback by kicking the ball over, which bounces one meter before the scoreline and he is in clear first to get it and score. The bounce is ugly and he knocks on. Truly.
  • 23-21 with 4 minutes left. The referee penalises for the subsequent scrum for colapsing.
  • 23-21 with two minutes left. the Blues defense holds after waves of Bulls charging and get a scrum after a knock on.
  • 23-21 with one minute left. Evans kicks to touch but no Blue player arrives. Quick Habana throws in and right to Hougaard for a DG(they were expecting it) but Hougaard slips it and it is a knock on.
  • End of it. 23-21.

What a wonderful player Habana is.
What a wonderful player Evans is.

What an exciting game it was. Lucky Blues


Anonymous said...

Munchausen was close to pulling off to outright upsets in the Bulls and Hurricanes. Is Nucifora really on top of his game. This is the second week in a row that the Blues have waited for a miracle in the shape of a ball and a man, Nick Evans.

sesenta y cuatro said...

The Blues need to readjust or they will end struggling

Anonymous said...

I did not expect the Blues to struggle so much. I feel vertain they have more talent than the Crusaders yet have lost two and squaked by two more I believe. We'll see how the Crusaders survive with out Carter and maybe Brett. Leon MacDonald is versaltile but not that versatile.

sesenta y cuatro said...

The Crusaders, I believe, don't need Carter as much as the Blues do need Evans.