Hurricanes win, Chiefs lose.

4 in a row is the number of straight wins for the Hurricanes after defeating the Brumbies at Canberra by 15 - 33 some minutes ago. The Hurricanes are on fire and install themselves firmly on the top 4 places with 18 points.

Let's see if the Waratahs (who happen to rest this week) can keep the pace. The Hurricanes make a halt now and will rest during week 6 just to resume with a hard game against the Crusaders on week 7 before another hard game against the Sharks on week 8.

On the other hand, a very irregular Chiefs team has not only lost to the Stormers at home, but have also managed not to get a single point; 26-35 being the score. It's five games past for the Chiefs now; if they are to be the second-leg champions again, they should start gearing up now.

We have to wait for the main course Blues vs West Force which is served tomorrow. And a sweat cake afterwards: Crusaders - Cheetahs. A pity that the Chiefs self-destructed.


miff said...

In philosophy there is a theory that though one can see the disaster before him in all the barreness, one is so compelled by the intensity of the original thought that changing direction is impossible. I don't know if it is I or it is the Chiefs' coaching staff that has made that philosophy a reality.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I don't know...

Just look at the 'canes. 2 weeks ago they looked an irregular side, full of talent but with little trust in themselves. Now they are on a roll.

(just like Wales)

What makes a team successful? Why did the Chiefs look so great during last year's strike (after a horrible start) and this year they are again so irregular?

(just like England)

I guess that the nly possible answer is that rugby everything is about mentality.