Warren Gatland speaks: "Kiwis are arrogant"

In a rare display of self-criticism Warren Gatland has stated that Kiwis are rarely aware of anything outside their borders and wrongly consider themselves as a world reference.

Is Watland right? I think most will agree (nonetheless Monsieur Rugbycan, I'm sure)

Is he wrong? Many new zealanders won't like Gatland's words. Is he regretful that he has not been given a super franchise coaching position?

But most important of all: Will he take Wales to the 6N title?


Anonymous said...

On this one I applaud rather than criticize Gatland, the Saviour of Wales.
The Kiwis will never get Gatland's message until they start getting beat regularly.
But I think it's more than that; none of the Southern Hemisphere rugby sides display much humility.
Maybe it is ingrained because they appear to play the better brand of rugby.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Do english show humility? Do french (who are keen to say that they are the only non english- speaking nation in the rugby ellite)?
Yes, New Zealanders may be arrogant, and Gatland is one of the few to say it. But I doubt that defines kiwis but the whole planet.