Auckland Blues

No one denies the quality of the Auckland Blues side.
With an outstanding front row, skilled locks and first-class third-rowers, they possess a strong pack. One of the strongest of the Super 14, in fact.

Hm... maybe at the breakdown they are not that strong.

With Evans, Toeava, Tuitavake and co, their backs are pure quality. This is the part of the field where most is expected of the Blues. No matter that Rokocoko can't play, they are superb. Wulf, Pisi and co are also outstanding.

That is why I think the Blues are going to come back to the "easy things" and smash the Brumbies on Saturday. Of course, with a bonus point. No matter if Nacewa plays or is finally sidelined.

But the road to the semifinals is far from easy, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Like I intimated before, thgere May be some personality problems or some issues involving David Nucifora.
With the class of that team, three losses is three too many.
I agree that the Brumbies may be dead meat if the Blues are riled.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well... As the World Cup 2007 showed and also did the 6N 2008, an all-star line up does not necessarily mean a strong team.

Anonymous said...

You must be swaeting bullets about the Blues right now.
I know I am a bit unsteady in how I view them.
There is only one reason the Blues are losing and that is the effect of Nucifora. I am sorry.