Ich bin ein Highlander

All strikes come to an end. And by taking advantage of Lions defense, the Highlanders have finally recorded a win that should have come much earlier. Good news for the Highlanders and, we hope, the start of a completely different second leg of the regular season for them

Highlanders 29 - Lions 20


Anonymous said...

It came a lot further down the road than I had thought. However I am comfortable in knowing, as I had imagined, that the overall consensus would be the NZ sides followed by the Australians and souith Africans in no particular order. The Force and the Sharks being the notable exceptions. I knew that Australian rugby was in trouble and the transformation business was going to slow things down a bit, but I'm not sure my timing was spot on concerning the South Africans. I actually thought that the transformation would be implemented as the S14 went on and the Sa teams would fall flat on their face. This has not been the case and I am not certain at all how de Villiers is going to dekiver the death blow. Austalian rugby has fallen to league I fear.
That ;eaves the real tradition to be carried on bravely by NZ and they have the power player base to field the question of depth. Money is another matter. Good German!

sesenta y cuatro said...

Naja, Ich habe in München gewöhnnt :-)

Anonymous said...

Das Bier ist bessar als rugby.