ELVs become global

With due apologies to my friend Monsieur Rugbycan, IRB is not exactly the same as the RFU. I don't think that, were it so, the IRB would have decided to introduce the ELVs everywhere as they have as neither WRU and RFU are fond of this idea.

It seems that now it is official, and that everyone shall play under these laws from August 1, so my question would be:

Shall the Tri Nations be played under the new rules? I think it's the only thing that would make sense.

Does that not give Robbie Deans certain edge over Graham Henry and Pieter de Villiers? Well, I don't consider these two to be any fools so I think the fact that Deans has already faced them for 10 games (up to 15 before they meet) can be a factor.

I am just glad that the ELVs are exported northwards, as south has still a thing or two to teach the north, not only players to lend-lease.

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Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that the IRB has made the decision. The deciseness surprised me although I am not certain that rugby will remain the same.
I agree with Ian McGeechan in his apprisal.
However, what plagues me is just why would they give the SH an entire year and a half of ELVs and not introduce them in the NH.
Do you believe that the RFU never contemplated this move?
If that is so, then indeed the IRB is the more powerful of the two factions.
However, if you are skeptical of the whole business as I am, I would say that this is not the END.