FIFA rules 6 + 5

I would have never paid attention to such news as this. I mean, I live in Spain, football is something you can't hide of no matter how hard you try. So maybe my blog would be the only place where I could get rid of football.

But according to an unmatchable rugby knight, this can easily be one of the things that could set the pace for other sports, rugby included (nattürlich!!!).

It happens that the FIFA has ruled that club football will have to be played with a minimum of 6 national players at any time. I know I should now make a joke about Athletic Club de Bilbao and their players selection policy and pride, but what the f., I don't care. According to this rugby knight (I can imagine him telling me right now) this rule could be inherited by the RFU and IRB and that would definately mean something for the continuously trans-equator leak of southern hemisphere players.

Of course, Brussels may have a word. Bosman case was not so long ago and I am not sure this can be so easily agreed and done, at least, in European Union.


Anonymous said...

That sounds about right. Maybe they should have a law that says the national team must have ten home boys at home and six away.
There was an interesting article in the Irish Times about Munster brittle their success is.
What makes a country more entrenched? More national players or more entertainment.

sesenta y cuatro said...

But notice that it is illegal in the European Union to make ANY difference between nationals and outsiders as long as they are from inside the EU.

Anonymous said...

interesting, thanx!