www.scrum.com should not make these mistakes II (!)

Yesterday I was astonished that the scrum.com team made such mistakes as this one.

One day after, this has been published by this website in their article about big names not making the All Blacks. Aparently greatest of them all is that of Piri Weepu.

Yeah, you are right; according to scrum.com this is supposed to be no other than Piri Weepu. Yes, I repeat, Piri Weepu.

2 mistakes in 2 days and both were related to southern hemisphere rugby. It must surely be the high quality rugby played northwards... Yeah, it must be so.


Anonymous said...

Often I wonder how these huge sites run them. If I am not mistaken, scrum.com is owned bu American form ESPN. Maybe that is how the photo of an Islander(Tonga,Samoa, Poly) is represented as a Maori. That, to me, would sort of like seeing a photo of me and referring to it as human. Yea, not too professional.

sesenta y cuatro said...


It kinda seems that either

a)scrum.com does not really care about anything apart from the Premiership (which is quite possible)

b)I can't think of anything else. Have you ever tried to follow the Top 14 at scrum.com? Don't, please.

Anonymous said...

No, I have booked myself on KEO for SA, Zavos on RugbyHeaven and PlanetRugby...I very early on was a forum writer on scrum.com, perhaps number 20 or so but have fallen off of that wagon a couple of years ago.
I will make mention of another scrum.com error.
It said that Samoa, I believe had the most foreign born players during the 07 RWC. I thought it might be the USA but, in fact, it turned out to be Italy , I believe, with 14.
I have learned to live with misinformation and probablly am ill informed on many iticacies I call myself expert.