The All Blacks step past Irish

It was not easy. Nervousness ruled the first half, while the rain and the icy cold temperature was the winner of the second spell. The irish defense held and they commited themselves to their Munster's pick and go tactics. They kicked a lot and kicked awfully well.

But in the end, the only two attacking actions the All Blacks produced were enough to win the game 21-11. I was delighted at the first one by Conrad Smith. Simple but most efficient, he took advantage of the nice pass by Carter and out-manouvred the so-called best centre in the world just to serve a perfect pass to Sivivatu to finish it off. I think this will help Conrad Smith and the All Blacks mid-field.

Concern rises when the sights set on the english. They will be tougher. But today fears are put aside. The All Blacks looked consistent, and the quality is no doubt there waiting for a more proper chance to appear.

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