No country for old men

According to Percy Montgomery, ELVs will require more fitness. In his own words:

«I’m really looking forward to the ELVs. They’ll be introduced in the Vodacom Tri-Nations, so needless to say I’ve been working hard on my fitness. Watching a few of the games from the Super 14 has reinforced that it’s really not an old man’s game!»

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes when a person doesn't possess much gray matter, he ends up making up for it in a game.
I have seen Justin Marshall surpize the hell out of me too.
PM will get his 100 and slip into some mediocre job like pumping air into rugby balls for Gilbert. Wouldn't that be a pity? But if he mad 1000000 E for doing it, more power to him.
He has had more lives than a cat.
I hope he doesn't as is said here, 'just fade away'.
Monsieur Rugbycan