Weekend Review

The All Blacks romped England 44 - 12.
McCaw has a serious injury that will rule him out of most of the Tri-Nations.
South Africa looked not very bright in their 26-0 defeat of Italy.
Australia A scored 90 points against a weak Tonga side (they were beaten last week by Japan, too).
New Zealand are playing against England in the final IRB Junior World Championship, the score being 3-0. Mind you, 8-0.


Anonymous said...

I am not too sure that losing the services of NcCaw is that devastating. Lauki performed admirably as a replacement.
I am always a bit indifferent to the importance of captain. Are they so vital?
I am also a bit disturbed by the constant critism that McCaw gets.
He wouldn't be looked at so closely if the All Blacks would lose occasionally. I hope that the 3N proves once and for all that the All Blacks are not invincible. I feel certain that the rugby press will all, if that turns out to be the case, that McCaw is indespensible. I would have to disagree with that sort of yellow journalism.

Moses @ Beer and Sport said...

speaking of yellow, why post as anonymous?

I'd disagree and say that a good captain can really lift a team, a good examples being John Eales and dare I say it, Martin Johnson.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Dear Moses and beer,

My dear old fellow Miff does not use very often a nickname in Blogger, so he usually uses the quick way to comment, which is anonymously.

I appreciate his comments as I do with every comment that is thoughtful and honest, and the source whence the comments come from matters less.

I certainly agree with the idea that a captain importance is not that big. I would, however, fear that the loss of an openside flanket may provoke an armaggeddon.

It is no coincidence that all Phil Vaugh, Richie McCaw and Schalk Burger are amongst the most valuable players in their countries. The importance of the breakdown is huge. And I mean HUGE. I am not sure how will the loss of McCaw will affect the All Blacks, but I think the Boks smell blood as the two tests in New Zealand get near and it is due to the loss of McCaw.

I think, however, that the All Blacks will win both tests.

And, I don't think anyone believes that a country which is unable to make the RWC final since 1995 is invincible, so we need not the ABs to lose again to know they are not invincible.

I am aware they are vincible, so let them win it all :-D

Anonymous said...

All points are well taken. I did not ever think that England could win a world cup....I was horribly wrong, bacause Martin Johnson was the catalyst. Say what you will about captains. There is more than one way to describe any episode in rugby....and I think that Ealea and Johnson just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

I have just seen the Bok team and , while I am impresses that de Villiers has held his ground, I am not certain that the team is altogether a great one.
Steenkamp, BK Botha, CJ VanderLinde do not impress me at all. I would say that selecting Watson is only OK and Juan Smith is out of form....that leaves Botha, Matfield and DuPlessis to win the ball.
I am afraid that isn't enough. The AB will be too strong for the Boks certainly at home and odds on at home.
Since we were talking about captaining, the AB shouldn't need the 'edge' against the Boks. Against the Aussies, playing Mortlock is like losing McCaw...it is a trade.