Air New Zealand Cup (NPC)

The Air New Zealand Cup pre-season matches start tomorrow, and by the time the season officially starts we'll already know who's able to win the 3N and who is not. What is certain is that there are a number of provinces who can consider themselves "cheated". What would you think if you were an Auckland supporter and realise that you will not get Evans or Nacewa to play for your team? I mean, they are not selected for the Internationals. Players playing for the All Blacks won't play the NPC and Canterbury fans well do know it but, what happens with people like the former two?

Let's forget those fair or unfair issues as the NPC is interesting in itself (same as the Currie Cup is). This year the team to beat should be Auckland as well. Despite losing Nacewa and not lining up Evans, and despite Hawke's Bay feeling confident with some Super 14 efforts by certain players like Latimer. The question is, who shall be fighting with the Aucklanders? What will Canterbury show? Can Wellington pose a threat to the reigning champions? Will this be the year of Waikato?

As usual, I have to choose my favourites and I don't really know where to start. I must support Auckland, if you forgive me, for I very much want Taniela Moa and Lachie Munro to play strong and be selected as Super 14 regular starters (by the man who will replace Nucifora who's no other than Pat Lam). I must also support Bay of Plenty and Waikato but, as happens to me with Blues and Hurricanes in the Super 14, don't ask me exactly why.

Let's see what the NPC unfolds and let's also wait for which All Blacks are released after the 3N. Some of them, like Mealamu, do always love playing big for their provincial teams.


Anonymous said...

The NPC computer game is really good too.

sesenta y cuatro said...

the truth is, i have never played rugby in a pc game.