ELVs schism

According to Rugbyheaven, IRB and John O'Neill, the situation is (near to) dramatic. IRFU, WRU and a third union whose name I can't remember could provoke a(nother one) schism in rugby by not accepting any of the ELVs to be trialled within their competitions.

While these news have bothered me for a few days ever since it appeared p(osted)rinted inRugbyHeaven and I have much more hated the POMS phlegm since, it seems that common sense will prevail and you won't have three codes of rugby playing at least for the next years. WRU has released some tension by allowing 13 ELVs to be trialled.

That leaves Ireland and another country quite alone. In fact, it leaves the other country quite alone, as Ireland is but a puppet.

I hope they will come to terms, but a lot of harm is already done: some country still thinks they can rule things in rugby their way just because they are big and rich. More than ever it is needed that they lose every single game, every singe poll, every single fight, so they are forced to release some of the power they have gathered. If only a bit.

The game belongs to all.

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Anonymous said...

now you get the picture....oh ...at last, there is a God!