November tests

Now the tours are over. With fourteen games played (NZ 4, AUS 4, SA 3, ARG 3), eleven of them have been wins for the southern teams and just three wins have been chalked up by the northerners (FRA-ARG, IRE-ARG, WAL-AUS).

Actually, France should have beaten Australia, too, and only Skrela's erratic kicking saved the aussies.

Leaving the aussies apart, both NZ and SA have fared too high for the Home Nations. They have not got the resources to match either of the big two. Nor will they for long years. Only Wales and Ireland seemed able to give them a game but they are still behind. Of course, England and France are different and they have the pool to build a brand new generation of players but, will they find the right men? I don't like Lievremont or Johnson, to begin with.

Australia is, to my eyes, building some depth that was lost after 2007, and their below par performance during this tour is less relevant as much of Deans work shall produce results not sooner than 2009. Deans has worked hard in order to find a competent forward pack, and when he ticks that box, Australia will be as strong as the other two (at the very least).

Argentina is in a highly unenviable position. They have been the admiration of rugby world for long years but after 2007 they need to replace some players and still be on top. This is what makes the difference between an outstanding generation of players and a rugby legacy.

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