All Blacks only lose, they never win

Happy new year to you all.

Now that I have finally filled in a facebook profile, I've it clear: I prefer losing my time here, writing stupid things about rugby, as I always do, than writing stupid things anywhere else.

And to kick 2009 off in fashion, my first thought; about the All Blacks, of course, what else?

Outside New Zealand, the history of the All Blacks is built upon a hundred years long list of defeats.


Have any doubts about it?

Let me remind you which memorable AB's games you have in mind.

1905. Wales defeated the All Blacks 3-0 in their first match-up in what eventually came up to be the only defeat of the "Originals" tour (34 wins and a single loss)
1936. Obolensky scored two tries in the first defeat of the All Blacks against England 13-0.
1973. Barbarians - All Blacks. The game that any POM (and POM-lovers) recall as the best game of rugby ever played.
1978. Munster defeat the All Blacks 12-0. The only reason for irish (any irish) to still play rugby, according to many, Monsieur Rugbycan included.
2007. France 20 - All Blacks 18. Choke. Choke. Choke. Choke. Choker.


If you happen to be a southerner, or by any chance you know anything about real rugby, sorry, I mean southern-hemisphere rugby, your ideas about the All Blacks might well be truly different. You will surely remember 2000's thrilling end of the Tri-Nations tournament, when a tank disguised of left wing called Jonah Lomu scored the decissive try in injury time to give the All Blacks the game against the Wallabies, the BC and the 3N. Or you might recall Gregan's tackle on Jeff Wilson or maybe his famous "4 more years, boys" or perhaps the last-gasp try at the House of Pain last June that gave the Springboks their first win in New Zealand (first ever at Carisbrook, Dunedin) in 5 years. But then, you will agree with me, we are a minority.

For the rest of the world, the history of the All Blacks is built upon defeats, much like those of chessplayer Jose Raúl Capablanca or tennis player Roger Federer, individuals whose victories were deemed normal and whose defeats were always first-page news.

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Nursedude said...

I think there is going to be some serious payback by the All Blacks in 2011. Having France land in the same first round pool just shows God is a rugby fan...and has a sense of humor.

The All Blacks are still the gold standard in the game. New Zealand has all of the coaches everybody wants and the coaching clinics everybody wants to attend...Oh yeah, the Kiwi Rugby League side did pretty well down in Oz at the Rugby League World Cup, too, didn't they?