Latest News: Michalak is a halfback

French head coach Marc Lievrèmont has reportedly said:

"For me, Fred is more of a scrumhalf but he currently plays at first five at Toulouse and for me, in that position, he's behind guys like Lionel Beauxis and David Skrela at the moment"


miff said...

Michlak has always been a better scrumhalf than flyhalf. That is very observant of you. At Toulouse, he could interchange without too much difficulty. But I think that France has always counted too much on their scrumhalves as team leaders and , well, Michalak is hardly what one might call a guy players rally around.
It would be a gutsy call by Livremont to play Michalak at scrumhalf but one I could see happening.
Be careful though that he might be selected as a reserve fullback. That I cannot see. I don't really appreciate Pontrenaud and Medard doesn't strike my fancy either. Beauxis is far too slow to cover the fullback at test level in my position. So there you have it.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, I saw him last season playing with the Sharks and he made for a very good first five. I have never seen him play at halfback, though.

What I cannot believe is that neither Beauxis or Skrela are better than him at first five.

No way.

miff said...

The problem with a guy like Michalak is that he is , like most French flyhalves since Lamaison, remain totally inconsistent. This is a French problem that they seem unable to cope with. I think that the problem stems from the number nine, even though a guy like Galthie, was extemely consistent and brought stability to France. Not so with Yachvilli and Ellisalde and it is too early to judge the new little fellows.
That is why Michalak could prove to be the scrumhalf of choice. The problem is he has zilch leadership qualities and that would mean that the entire French team would have to reevaluate just how and where they are going to focus leadership. Harindoquy is useless at eight and Bonnaire is too quiet.
Skrelan and Beauxis are both , like Jauzion, not talkers. It was not such a good idea to pick Nallet as Captain but with these other guys not really leaders, well, the French are in a sticky situation which would be a very good point for NOT expecting them to win the 6N.

Nursedude said...

After watching Ellisalde's miserable kicking for Toulouse against Bath on Sunday, I can agree with the comment about inconsistent French Fly halves.

I think Michalak playing in South Africa was a good move for him. I would like to see more euro players trying to play in the Southern Hemisphere.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I don't like Elissalde at first five. Not that the other day his kicking was awful (which actually was), but I think that he, like Pienaar is a waste at 10.

I don't understand this trend of exchanging 9 and 10. It has even reached Wellington where Weepu has been used at first five for the Lions.

Since when Grant Fox, Jannie de Beer, Stephen Larkham or Jonny Wilkinson were candidates to play at 9?

Why this trend of Elissaldes, Weepus, Pienaars and other species to play at 10?

Michalak should be starting 10 for Toulouse, in my opinion.