Frans Steyn at 10

If we are to pay attention to Andy Marinos, Super Rugby is a Sotuh African matter more than anything else.

Therefore, let's pay attention to what really matters: South Africa, South Africa and South Africa.

South Africa lacks a 10. Unlike Australia or New Zealand, there has been no player able to claim a regular start at 10 for a long time. James, despite what my good friend Miff thinks of his (James') performance during the last RWC, has not managed to show he's the right owner of the jersey. The fact that de Villiers is picking Pienaar, a halfback, ahead of him reveals that he's got not much to choose from.

What about South Africa's boy, Frans Steyn? He's gifted, he's strong, he's fast (the only player I have witnessed to ever see a ball of him intercepted by Habana and yet be able to run backwards 50 meters and tackle him) and he's loved by anyone in South Africa.

This weekend he's got a chance. With Pienaar out for 3 or 4 matches, Steyn has got a shot to show his credentials at number 10. What will he show? Will be we all grateful enough to Andy Marinos for letting us watch this pearl playing at 10 ? Do we really deserve such kindness?

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Anonymous said...

Potgieter and Moren Styn aren't bad. Peter Grant ain't great. But there will be others. We have seven to eight weeks. So long as it isn't Earl Rose.