Super 14 round 5 predictions

Little by little, the competition begins to get some sense to my dumb understanding.
Last week's results were more understandable for me, although I had not realised (or didn't want to believe) how low have the Crusaders fallen.

The Sharks continue their Australasian trip with a game in Brisbane, while the Bulls and Hurricanes rest with their sights put on the next weekend clash.

This would make some sense to me:

Blues 36 - Cheetahs 18 (Don't look back, you need five from this one)
Brumbies 25 - Waratahs 21 (Canberra vs Sydney games have always favoured the home team)
Crusaders 18 - Western Force 24 (I prefer to be ready for the worst scenario)
Higlanders 23 - Chiefs 34 (Go Highlanders!)
Reds 13 - Sharks 16 (Sharks would do well to start putting an eye on the second part of the competition)
Stormers 20 - Lions 15 (This year the Stormers don't look so good. They need de Villiers to lead them)


Naly D said...

I'd agree with those. I'm finding the hardest match to pick the Farce v Crusaders one. The two most mediocre, hot/cold teams at present.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Hey, Naly, thx for your kind comment.

I agree, the Crusaders could sweep the Force, but without McCaw, Payne, Laulala...

I think the Crusaders will struggle throughout the season. I would like to be mistaken, though.

Anonymous said...

You are prtty good at this.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Oh thx, you flatter me, but please, take a look to my predictions for round 3. It was a complete mess!!!!

Just lucky this time, I guess.

But thx for your kind comment!!!!