Praise of the Lions

Not for the first time this season the Lions surprise me. Despite having lost to the Waratahs, they have shown commitment and a will to win the match as if their own chances of classifying were at stake.

The final minutes have been a nail biter. After trailing 17-28 at half time, they were able to come back and take the lead, just to allow the decisive try to the Waratahs with 5 minutes left. A final penalty put the Lions within 5 meters of the aussie line and indeed they seemed they had scored a try when referee Marius Jonker called for a forward pass...

But it was not the end of the story. For three times the Lions put their hearts in the scrum and asked the ref to call for a free kick in their favour... After three resets the Lions loosehead prop (or was it the hooker?) lost his foot in the scrum and the ball was freed for the Waratahs backs to kick it out. The Waratahs won 38-33.

Sharks and Crusaders will have to fight if they want to match the 'tahs.


Nursedude said...

I think the Lions were one of the most improved teams in the Super 14. With nothing but pride to play for against a team that had it's playoff life on the line, you have to give the Lions their props-I don't think nearly as sorry a team as they were last year.

sesenta y cuatro said...

The Lions have been interesting throughout the season. They were close to the win in many a game and certainly they have provided spectacle.

As you said, very unlike they did last year.

Anonymous said...

Still a bit disappointing, not unlike the Reds and the Stormers and, of course, The Force.