Super 14 final prediction

This is the toughest call I have done.

Bulls 26 - Chiefs 23

Don't ask me, I just wish it will happen the other way around. I simply don't think it will. Our players are focused, the quality is there, they have been winning close matches, of late; but like someone said: Loftus is like the Everest... We miss sir Edmund Hillary.

Go Chiefs! Go Chiefs! Go Chiefs all the way.


Anonymous said...

What's so difficult about the call?
Sentiment? Now there is Everest and there is Antartica. Which would you consider the more difficult challenge? I think Nz's biggest challenge and success was through Mussolini and Italy? Everest pales in comparison. I think the Chiefs have every bit of a chance if they attack the back three. The Bulls aren't what I would call classic counterattackers even with Kirchner and Habana. I might even go so far as to say Kirchner, as good as he has been, could be the perfect weak link.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Yes, it's sentiment. During these two years I have been watching this Chiefs side and I have come fond of.

I think it's going to be a hell of a match, but the minor details usually go in Bull's favour and that is a BIG advantage.

It's hard to be realistic when reality tells your side's more likely going to lose. But what is due, is due. And the Bulls at home are always favourites.

By the way, would the Bulls be still favourites at home against the British and Irish Lions side that's playing on Saturday against the Griquas, I mean, the Royal XV?

Anonymous said...

I've heard tell that the B&I Lions couldn't beat the Bulls but if thaty were the case why bother having these tours....sort of like 78 Munster beating the All Blacks.