"Our job was to disrupt the Lions this week going into the Test on Saturday, and I think the boys did a great job there"

.Dick Muir


Sorry, I mean, ...what? Are you playing the Lions to get them exhausted so the Boks can win?
Are you just trying to lower their self-confidence so it is easier for the Boks later on?

Let's put aside opinions on how fair these aims are. It's up to you. Let's focus only on "what the hell, you are the Emerging SpringBoks", many of you shall play for South Africa sooner rather than later, and when you are given a formidable opposition to test yourself against, all you have in mind is "to ease things for the elders"?????

This I cannot understand.


Anonymous said...

That's an odd statement and rather discernible on your part to pivk it out....certainly worth pondering.


Anonymous said...

It was supposed an exquisite observation on your part.

Anonymous said...

Let me try again. You made a very astute read on Muir.

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