Save our teams

There is a campaing in favour of the four "condemned" teams that are going to be cut from the Air New Zealand Cup.

These teams, independently from their performance are thought to be:
  • Northland,
  • Counties Manukau,
  • Manawatu,
  • Tasman.
From now on, I will support the Makos in their Air New Zealand Cup campaign and in their fight to survive the axe.

Here's the website:

I don't know if the NZRU is right or wrong, I don't know if 4 teams, 2 teams, 1 team or no team at all need to get out of the way, but I cannot help but feel sorry for a team that is performing as well as Tasman is performing and by no means I'd like to see them axed. NZRU must be certainly afraid of Otago and Auckland performing poorly if they don't dare to take the decission on axing exclusively according to each teams performance.

Go Tasman!! Go Makos!!


Kevin said...

Thank You For Your Support

Kevin Hare

sesenta y cuatro said...

No pblm,

Thank you for the rugby, New Zealand.