Scrummaging, Boks-Saracens and Habana citing

Three questions have been cleared out in the past 24 hours.

Referee Stu Dickinson from Australia has been cited for his refereeing of the scrums in the Italy-New Zealand. The news have been gathered with joy by the kiwi team. While I think it's fair Stu Dickinson's job has been revised, I don't think Paddy O'Brien should go much into the details, as is exposed here. Ok, the guy did a mistake. Moreso, he did it once and again and, fortunately, it did not affect the outcome of the match. Let the guy learn what he missed (the binding of Castrogiovanni) and he'll be better for it. But dirty clothes are cleaned at home, goes a saying in my land, and I think that Dickinson has already coped with a lot of flak. Paddy O'Brien should be true to his word and remember his fellows are the referees and not the kiwis, kiwi as he may be.

The Boks are simply lost. Three consecutive losses against Leicester, France and Saracens are three to many. Now games against Italy and Ireland will be tougher, especially the one against the Irish. Plenty to lose and not much to win for the Boks as things are right now.

Habana citing for a kick to France's Vincent Clerc has been dismissed for some unclear reason. While I think the video clearly shows that Habana's leg was pulled by Traille and therefore it is France's number 15 the one who should have been cited, it is far from encouraging to know that a possible explanation of the dismissal is that the citing was not made within the legal 48 hours after the game was played. What is so rotten in the governing bodies for these things to happen? I am so glad that Habana did not mean to kick the French player... Bok as he is, he is one of the best sportsmen I know and only fair play I have ever witnessed from him. As long as no other prove is presented to me, he will in my mind, be not guilty of such behaviour. (That does not mean that I want anything different for him than to be badly beaten by whoever wearing the 14 jersey any time)


Anonymous said...

You also think Jimmy Cowan, Doug Howlett, Byron Kellher and my favorite, Keith Murdoch, are angels.
That's why fans comes from fanatics.


sesenta y cuatro said...

I still think I am able to see good in players other than the kiwis. Habana, for example, but I also like JW, Quade Cooper (although he's still too young to say anything about his ethics)...

I have seen Jimmy Cowan playing dirty and that will always be in my mind against him.