Everybody's talking about it

- What's ELV? The new rules.
- Which new rules? Those saying there won't be penalties anymore
- Ey! No penalties? What then? Well, there will be some, but it will all mostly be free kicks.
- Superb! Then Andrew Mehrtens will be the top scorer for the All Blacks for a long time! Hahahahah. It seems so, yes.
- Are there any other new rules? Well, backs shall stay at least five meters behind the scrum, passing the ball back from outside the 22 to inside the 22 won't permit a kick to touch.
- Won't it? Why not? What if you kick to touch? The lineout will be in line where the kick was taken.
- Pheew. Any more? Well some other changes like the ball in the lineout can be thrown backwards
- What is the aim of these changes? To allow more playtime and to increase the number of tries.
- Aha, I see. Will these laws apply to every rugby match? This year they will only be used during Super 14.
- Will the Crusaders win again? That I cannot say.

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