Hayman on the wrong side of the haka?

NZRU has confirmed that matches against european clubs during tours in Europe will be played again. Two names have been given: Stade Français and Munster but the actual dates are yet unknown.

The coaching stuff has asked to do so as they claim they have little chance to try emerging players, as nowadays every game they play is a test.

It seems that 2008 calendar gets really stuffy, and should the Super 14 final see a NZ team on it, the players would have only a week before the international season starts. An international season consisting of no less than 14 tests (15 if the game against Argentina is confirmed).

But what intrigues us must is that with the massive exile of All Blacks to Europe (McAlister, Mauger, Hayman, Kelleher, Jack...) is: Shall we see a match confronting any of them against the All Blacks? Shall we watch them facing the haka?

Could you imagine Carl Hayman on the wrong side of the haka as someone else is leading "Ka Mate"?


la desheredada said...

Really i can´t imagine Carl Hayman on the wrong side of the haka.
Is the second part of the question rhetorical?

sesenta y cuatro said...

You bet.

But it is actually more melancholic than rhetorical.