Obsession, the downfall, Deans says.

The Wallaby coach has done a little bit of talking to the media for the first time after his arrival to Australia and he has said two things that seem of real interest:
  1. New Zealand is full of talent, and the key is "what you do with it".
  2. Obsession with World Cup has been All Blacks' downfall.

It is his purpose to go step by step, week after week, in his new job.

What do you think? Were we all too anxious at winning the Cup and was that our downfall?


la desheredada said...

I think that it was, but also the mistake of tactics and strategy of the team. The physical game was not enough.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Yeah, you may be right.

The funny thing is that someone in the french media said "we are at the level of the All Blacks at the physical plane" and they proved it.

So maybe the physical game was not enough.