Over AU$ 1 Million for Stirling Mortlock

Could you refuse AU$ 1 million per year if you were offered?

Surprisingly (to me), not everyone named Mortlock as the best possible 13 in RugbyForum's poll. It is not me the one who's going to put Mortlock's name ahead of Umaga's but this is only the humble opinion of an All Black supporter.

An unnamed japanese club, however, must think that I am right to consider him one of the best centres around, as it has offered AU$ 1.25 million to the wallabies skipper. Maybe Larkham knows a little bit more about the matter, if we read between the lines.

Well, tough decission for Mortlock, ain't it? Perhaps the wallabies need him, but didn't they need Larkham as well? When will come the time for Mortlock to say farewell? Will he be offered anything better? For how long will the wallabies need him?

If Mortlock leaves, it will be a hard blow for the wallabies, but an oportunity as well. Deans task is going to be difficult anyway, but without him, a free space to find new talents is open.

As with Doug Howlett, Stephen Larkham or Chris Jack, I feel that the right time has come for Mortlock to point at somewhere else. If he stays, it will be ok, but if he has got to leave, now is better than ever.


miff said...

Stirling Mortlock and "Bernie" Larkham are tight. Larkham is already glued together and Mortlock isn't far behind. These guys must really love the game to keep on playing. If the yen is what keeps them going, I am all for it. But Stirling Mortlock is not the be all and end all of Oz centrs; Robbie Deans knows that.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Yes, you are surely right. I suppose that in a land where league is so popular, it is not difficult to find outstandig centres (Somehow I feel that playing at centre is natural for league players who shift to rugby). Perhaps Mortlock leaving will hurt more in the hearts of the remaining players than in the 13 position. Timana Tahu should be a more than decent substitute.

miff said...

Motlock is just another player who has greatly served Oz. But Tahu will likely make him forgotten sooner rather than later.