Which Super 14 side should I support?

Ok, the Super 14 is about to start. In two weeks time the ball shall be kicked and everyone shall be supporting his/her side.

If you just have slightly got the idea of this blog, you won't need me to tell you that I only consider New Zealand sides, but anyway, which New Zealand side should I pick?

This is a very appealing side to me. I like Nick Evans and Joe Rocokoco and I think that Isa Nacewa is going to play a fundamental role for New Zealand in years to come. Besides 2007 Air New Zealand Cup showed how strong Auckland's youngsters are. Thus, they combine players I like and a lot of potential.

Well, the Chiefs would certainly be a good option: they have Stephen Donald, Leonard,... but I think I just could never back someone called "Chief". Should they change their name to "Thiefs" it would be all funnier and I would probably change my mind. History says that the Maori Kingdom created around 1880 was founded in this region and thus the name and symbol of the Chiefs are a maori chief. It's wonderful but... Why did they choose a pakeha word for the team? Interestingly, maori had no word for "King" before the arrival of the europeans, and the movement to appoint a maori chief was called "Kingitanga".

I can't choose the Crusaders. I just cannot. I like the players (Carter, McCaw, Williams, McDonald...) I like the coach... but they are just too successful for me. I could not support the L.A. Lakers nor Roger Federer, so I think I won't be backing the Crusaders.

This is a very interesting option. They have got probably the most capped pack (together with the Crusaders) and their skipper is a player I couldn't like more: Rodney So'oialo. Besides, the great Umaga played for the Hurricanes.

These would have been my last year's choice. In a place whose name reminds me of my favourite book, Nick Evans played for th Highlanders until last season. They used to be a very strong franchise but have somewhat struggled for the last 4 or 5 years... And the future does not look very appealing...

So, Blues, Highlanders or Hurricanes? I think I'm going to support Hurricanes and Blues and perhaps will flip a coin to see who I back on week 14, May the 16th.

This is my choice: What is yours?

BTW: According to the ngata online dictionary, the word in maori for chief is "rangatira"


miff said...

Check out the Maori cannibals in the Boyd Massacre. I'll take you on making use of the Maori word for revenge 'utu' and take the Crusaders because success is the name of the game. For the Crusaders to win it all, it would only enhance your stature as an All Black supporter.
If I were having a second go, it would be Auckland.
Right now the Chiefs and the Hurricanes can fight it out.
For me, it is a shame that the South African sides may struggle but we'll see. You can have all the Oz sides.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Yeah, Auckland and the Crusaders are the real powers in NZ super 14, but it would not surprise me if the Hurricanes reached the semifinals this season.

Don't get me wrong, it would be wonderful if the Crusaders won the super 14, and I will probably support them and wish they win when they are at the top of the table fighting with the bulls and the brumbies, but if I were to choose which new zealand side should fight for the tournament I would rather pick the Blues or the Hurricanes.

miff said...

I'll accept the challenge....'my' Crusaders against whomever you select.

miff said...

we'll see if Deans can mutitask.

sesenta y cuatro said...

I bet pleasing people like Fisher will be more difficult for Deans than multitasking.

I think he can cope with it and be still excellent at both jobs. It's others who will find it hard to cope with Deans double role.

miff said...

I can tell you one thing and that is the level of sjill and excitement will be more dramatic in the S14 than the 6N. Most people here would agree that the 6N is the bigger and better of the competitions. I disagree. Here the number of players names is just a wee bit easier to grow accustomed to except Lesely Vainicolo.