Wales over England

If I am to pick a Northern Hemisphere side, I pick Wales. Wales is not only a rugby nation like no other; Wales was also the first test match that the All Blacks lost in 1905, a feat that only four other nations have accomplished. They rank second in the All-Time Six Nations winners only second to England.

Much has been said this week about England crushing Wales (being 62-5 the score last time they meet in early August during the pre-RWC). England hooligans (including many a journalist) were proudly fond of their line-up, amid earthquakes, volcanoes and other big superstars. So proud were that it seemed as if they had already won the Six Nations before the first game even started!!!

(How much it reminds me of the 1/4 finals of the RWC against France!)

Their sights were clearly put far beyond Wales.

Like All Blacks that bloody October 7th, England had a clear lead at half time. Like France, Wales kept on fighting until the end. Like France, they got their reward.

Congratulations to welsh fighters. And congratulations to Warren Gatland. I think this triumph in Twickenham can give him and the whole welsh squad confidence. Interestingly enough, at their RWC pool game against Australia, the best effort of the welsh side came once the wallabies were already on command.

For Wales, this victory at Twickenham can be the start of a very pleasant tournament (their only other away home will be at Dublin) whereas for until-last-week-almost-winners England will have to show their best next week in Rome or they could be in serious trouble.

This saturday leaves also the narrow win of the irish over Italy at Croke Park. All the credit should go to Monsieur Rugbycan for such an acurate foretelling of what the outcome of that test would be. Although Ireland secured the win, Italy has proven to be a very tough rival.


miff said...

I see that you still hold Wales in high esteem. You have proven to be correct. Please don't give all the credit to Warren Gatland. I think England had a lot to do with it. However, this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning. Tomorrow's game at Murrayfield will give us all a better feel. Perhaps Scotland is the team?

sesenta y cuatro said...

Sure, if Gatland is meant to build a powerful Wales (which could never happen), the job still lies ahead. I think that this win can ease the things for him, though.

Before the Scotland - France I see now France as clear favourites (it could take less than two hours to change my mind). Ireland looks very similar to the weak RWC side tht could not qualify and Wales has still a lot to prove.