Clear win of the Blues over the Chiefs

The Blues have shown an impressive display of power with tries by Flavell, Rokocoko, Atiga and Lee to get a bonus points in their opening 2008 Super 14 game against neighbours Chiefs.

The score was 32 - 14.


Anonymous said...

Tis one I did say and to say that I was amazed by the speed and the number of turnovers would be an understatement. The Chiefs just couldn't get it going in the last 25 minutes. The had some missed opportunities but a slew more turnovers than the Blues...surprised that it wasn't much closer but the hand speed and tackling difference between the S14 and 6N is amazing.


sesenta y cuatro said...


I don't know where I read that that is the difference between north and south.

The first time you get southly tackled you understand the difference :-)

It was also funny reading last day in a spanish rugby blog that southern players were "almost" technically even with the northern ones. :-P

Anonymous said...

As they say in the BRitish films and dialogue, Please, senor, "don't make me lauuuff."
There is no comaprison and they should take that guy from the Spanish newspapers and put him one on one with Jerry Collins and after % years of rehab, let one of the Home Nations players go one on one, and the Home Nations can relate the story after three days in the hospital.