Hurricanes defeated in Sydney

The Waratahs are showing they are a more powerful side than most people thought. 3 wins and no losses during the preseason and a convincing victory over our Hurricanes in this first round, with our Hurricanes not getting even a single bonus point.

20 - 3 was the score after the 80 minutes

But next week the Reds are surely to suffer the Hurricanes revenge.


Anonymous said...

I had the Hurricanes also but didn't see the match so I am still in a little shock. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by the Tah defence though.


Duke_07 said...

Ey '64' acabo de ver tu comentario en mi blog, sí, 5 meses después jaja.
El nombre lo elegí yo; me gusta mucho el equipo de los 'AllBlacks', aunque apenase sepa y vea rugby.


Anonymous said...

Si,Senor...en la casa de los All Blacks las pulgas te estan matando. Comprendes?

Karlos Miffentoffen