Disciplinary matters and professionalism

  • Why was rugby once called a game for ruffians played by gentlemen?
  • Where are the gentlemen now?
  • Which problem takes australian players (Matt Rogers, Matt Henjak...) to so often have disciplinary issues?
  • Is this common to any rugby country in the world?
  • Does the behaviour changes when the game is played by amateur players?
  • Are we heading towards a NBA-like behaviour pattern?
  • Is the ARU right asking the Force not to use Henjak?What could be done in order to prevent these issues?
  • Is this a secondary effect of professionalisation?

(you can have a look to the rugbycan blog to see a rather large list of rugby ruffians)


miff said...

If you treat adult players like children, one can expect this bizarre behaviour. It is getting to the point that rugby is a hooligan's game played, coached, and and administerd by hooligans.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised about Henjak...his history really makes him out to be a real convict and criminal, nevermind the satire.

Anonymous said...

What does that picture takes place here? You are not allowed to laught at our "national Zizou" He is the best footbal player of the time. Italian are cheat, he had not painful.