Who would you pick as coach?

One of the stories I like most is that of Abraham Lincoln on his way to the White House. Isaac Asimov had a singular view on this in his famous book Isaac Asimov's book of facts; According to the book, Abraham Lincoln's political career was a crowned failure after the other until he became the 16th president of the United States.

We read today that Heyneke Meyer will quit coaching rugby. The coach of the only south african franchise to ever reign in Super Rugby seems to be very disappointed as he has not been given the Springboks coaching job. Well, it's a funny thing to read.

History is full of people who kept on trying until success came. In rugby, too. Take Robbie Deans, for example; Robbie Deans has a far more appealing record than Meyer can claim at Super 14 level and still, he has never had such a behaviour nor have I read anything unproper of him after the NZRU chose another candidate to coach the All Blacks. Instead, he has been appointed to coach the Wallabies. He, Robbie Deans, can deal with both success and failure and that he has shown for the last years. I have no doubt that his best years are yet to come and I'm sure of that because he's always fighting.

Would Abraham Lincoln have ever become president of the USA with Meyer's attitude?

Who would you pick as coach, a man like Deans who will keep fighting after a defeat or a man like Meyer who will step out of rugby after his last defeat?


monsieurrugbycan said...

I would love to agree with you but I cannot. As usual, the following are my views only. Meyer just so happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no question in my mind that HM is the better rugby coach. There is no future for him in SA. The SARFU is a powderkeg less a lit fuse.
If somehow the rugby can sustain itself through the transformation in good stead, Meyer, like Andre Markgraaf,will find a job either inside the political ring of SA rugby or go abroad to do his thing.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Hey! How many things we do see differently!! You know I usually agree 100% with your views and I have not even the single echo of a faint doubt that Meyer is bloody good. The best in South Africa? Perhaps.

But Dr. Lasker showed almost one hundred years ago the way to success. He was talking about chess but chess is just like any other human competition; the technical abilities are just the ground upon which the wills are fighting.

For Lasker (and I with him) the key to success is to win the battle against the opposing will.

And I think Meyer has just thrown the towel. Too early in my opinion. To this, what matters if his technical skills are outstanding?

The SARU may have wrongly overlooked him but that should not be the end of the road for Meyer.

Getting a job is like getting a girlfriend; you cannot stop trying just because of a negative.

monsieur said...

Really good stuff. I am going to have to check out Dr. Lasker before you checkmate me.

monsieur said...

Abraham Lincoln and U.S. Grant would not have made the All Blacks; Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Mosby's Raiders would.

sesenta y cuatro said...


Abraham Lincoln at least would have been awesome performing the haka. He was ugly enough to make it unforgettable.