Marc Hinton: You have got it all wrong

RugbyHeaven co-editor seems determined to go on and on with his personal war against Graham Henry. This is his new offensive.

I can imagine a large number of reasons for not behaving the way this journalist is behaving. Some of which have to do with the fact he's a journalist and even journalists should have a code of ethics. Some others have to do with more simple facts: readers are not as much interested as Marc Hinton is in his personal war against Henry.

  1. First thing: If I am in a 'crusade' against a man, and I am a voice of the media, how many times will I be allowed to talk against him without him being able to answer? Is it fair for the target of my hate? Of course, Graham Henry's popular enough to have a microphone whenever he wants but... Can he afford asking for a microphone to just answer a journalist every time the journalist writes about him?
    Marc Hinton writes with the positive knowledge that he will seldom be replied. (In fact, he would love to have such an attention from an All Blacks coach)
  2. Secondly: This journalist uses ambiguity to his benefit. When he suggests that all he has done is question the right of Henry to coach in benefit of another candidate he's being ambiguous to the limit of the truth. RugbyHeaven should admit that they have had their own crusade against Henry. They do think that Henry ought not to be the All Blacks coach (and that is something I respect). But they have used their voice to influence on people. They have not simply supported Deans. They have once and again attacked Henry, his failure, his mood, his words... they have even omitted the quotations of the players giving support to him...
    Marc Hinton is not telling the truth. At leat, not the whole story.
  3. Thirdly: In less than a week time to launch the Super 14, RugbyHeaven's co-editor should have a full pool of things to put his sight on. But all of a sudden, Henry comes back and says the media has been hard at him and all that matters to this journalist is engaging again in a battle against the All Blacks coach.
    Marc Hinton should not use his column (should not even give the impression that he is using his column) at RugbyHeaven for personal matters.
  4. Fourth: He simply cannot pretend it is not personal. He cannot pretend all that RugbyHeaven has done is showing their preferences for Deans. He cannot pretend they have not even tried to influence anything. They have. People go and read their articles saying how much they loathe Henry's work. And next day there's a poll in RugbyHeaven about who should be the next All Blacks coach. Stop treating readers as sheeps.
    RugbyHeaven has surpassed the concept of information and gone to the land of suggestion. And we who have read (and still remember what we have read) RugbyHeaven for the past four months, are aware.

To finish this post, a warning to Hinton: Journalism is what journalists do. Would you appreciate the work you are doing if you were the target and another person, the writer? Your work should be of the highest quality always, no matter how good is the All Blacks coach's job. And viceversa.


monsieur rugbycan said...

The same could be said about my totally hate for Rob Andrew and lo and behold the report this week came out that he would have been fired a long time ago if the RFU had been a business. His lack of success at Newcastle just enhances his lack of success. The only reason he is in there is two blues in rugb abnd two blkues in cricket from the elite Cambridge University and his upper middle class background, which fiyts like a glove with the other fity six olde farts. I f a journalist has the pasion for hate, he must be offended by somethging. I don't hate Graham Henry but I certainly feel that, like Rob Andrew, the NZRFU has done nothing to change the situation.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, I think it's perfectly ok if someone disagrees with the NZRU re-appointment of Graham Henry.

But it is the task of this journalist that I dislike. I think writing once and again how much you do hate a man who was on command when the ABs last lost does no good.

What can I tell you? For me it would have been great if Deans had become ABs coach. And it is also great that it has finally been Henry.

But the process is over and extending the fight does no good.

mrugbycan said...

You know that's rugby. No matter what good Henry does will never be all right from this point untuil he has finished. That is the nature of being disatisfied with the situation. Instead the beef should be with the NZRFU. Thay made the decision.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Well, it kinda happens in all sports, does not it? Why should rugby be any different?
*sigh* I just thought it was

mrugbycan said...

I think you are wishing for the good olde days.