ELVs: My word, I finally know

Up to now, I have been quite reluctant about making any fast decission on the ELVs. I, like Deans, have always asked for more time for the teams to adjust and learn the best way to play under the new rules.

Now, I don't wait anymore. I know.

It is curious how it's not been any Super 14 game which has made my mind. It's been watching the 2005 Tri Nations game in Cape Town between the All Blacks and the Springboks. The Springboks managed to win 22-16 and the crowd sang so loud during the haka that it can't be overheard. But what has impressed me the most is to see how damn good are the africans when defending. Late and high tackles apart, it amazes me how they manage to constantly put pressure on the attacking side, how damn close they are to the attackers. You reckon how physical that game turns out to be. In that game, the All Black scrum was simply demolished by the Springboks. It is an All Black supporter who says so.

Now look at the ELVs. Look at the free space they create and the extra fitness they require. Look at how the Springboks defense relaxes as the 80 minutes go on. Look at the Habanas and du Preez's words on the ELVs.

South Africans are the masters of the defense. No one does it better. Force them to leave free space, force them to leave the attackers some momentum (you know, p = m·v) and see how they struggle. See how the South African franchises are struggling with these ELVs.

New Zealand franchises: 6 wins out of 10 matches
Australian franchises: 4 wins out of 8 matches
South African franchises: 4 wins out of 10 matches

So, don't you see a reason for aussies and kiwis to support these ELVs? Don't you see a reason for Habana and the others dislike the ELVs?

I do. If the ELVs are finally adopted worldwide, the task for the Springboks to adapt is going to be huge. I finally know.


Anonymous said...

But do you know why the South Africans, in your words , are slow in learning from the ELVs?
I think you are way too early to forecast why but the speed of NZ and the athleticism of Oz are certain advantages over the SA. In their traditinal play size is the big factor, followed by speed and athleticism.

sesenta y cuatro said...

Oh, I thought I made it clear. It sometimes happen that what you mean is not what you write.

My point is that traditional south african game is based on defense. And south african defense is based on pressure against the attackers.

And they put pressure by not letting them play, being constantly upon them. If the ELVs force them to give extra space, it won't be that effective anymore. The ELVs weaken defenses due to the free space they impose.

Either south africans adapt or change their play.

Anonymous said...

I realy do not think the SA can change style. It;s a little bit about the leopard and the spots analogy.